Saturday, April 4, 2009

I am a lucky lady!

Today when I woke up for general conference I was not at all in the mood to clean our apartment, or make breakfast. Scott being the amazing husband that he is woke up before me, cleaned the whole apartment...and of course made me breakfast! :) I am a lucky lady!!

I was also fortunate enough to run into an old friend last month when Scott and I were in SLC. We had decided that I needed to get out of Provo and have a "girls night". I was delighted to see a familiar face, and of course someone that I had shared many life moments with. Last night I drove up to SLC and Becky and I went to this great sushi bar & pigged out! We had the best seats in the house too because we got to sit right at the bar and watch them prepare all of our sushi! It was a great night, I am looking forward to doing it again very soon!

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