Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Southern California

This weekend I had the opportunity to travel to Southern California to visit my little sister & some friends from college. This was a quick trip...4 days to be exact, but so much fun! The above picture is with Emily, Tara and myself. I played college b-ball with these ladies. The picture below is from right to left: Emily, Tara, myself, & Alex.
While we were in San Diego we went to this theme park and rode some rides. This was BY FAR the coolest one! lol By that I mean that it was a FREAKING HOT DAY & I just wanted to jump in some water. I really didn't care that it was a kiddie ride! :)
This is at Carla's town home in San Diego. We are doing what we do best....lol
After a long day of shopping! :) Cali has the best deals!!
Just goofing around outside the Cheesecake Factory
Tall women unite! :)
Emily and Tara
Carla and Alex
This was my first and only "star sighting" while in Cali. :) Do you know who he is? lol
Brett and Britta....the two love birds
Britta catching up on her fashion by reading "Elle" magazine
Britta and myself

Ha Ha, I am not sure what is happening in this picture
I came home to a clean apt. and 2 dozen red roses. It was a wonderful trip & Scott made it just as wonderful when I arrived! Life couldn't be any better!!!! :)

Greek festival

The Greek Festival is MY FAVORITE event in Salt Lake City! Last year I was bored at work and another nurse suggested that Scott and I go and check this festival out. We have been hooked ever since! The above picture is of the program that they hand you when you enter. Inside this program there is a bunch of Greek history & great recipes of my favorite greek food. Scott and I ate until we could hardly move (that is the picture below) all while being entertained by Greek dancers. It was a lot of fun, hopefully we will still be around to go to it next year!

Memorial Day

For Memorial Day weekend Scott and I decided to go to this theme park near our house and play mini golf, swing at some baseballs in the batting cages, and see who could win in go-carts. It was a great time. Scott and I had to laugh because we were the only adults in the park w/out children. It was a blast to just relax and enjoy life as a kid again. That's why I love my husband so much, he never lets me get too far away from my inner child! :) I can't wait until our next adventure!