Sunday, April 5, 2009


Ok, so I realize that most of my blogging is about me eating out with my fabulous husband & friends and lets just say that this blog is no different. :) It was Danielle's (my best friend since the second grade) birthday so we decided to meet up and pig out! I LOVE THIS RESTURANT AND WOULD TOTALLY RECOMEND IT TO ANY FONDUE LOVERS OUT THERE!! I made Danielle her favorite cake and we had a blast. These are some of the pictures of our fun night out! Enjoy!!! :)


Lisa Strupp said... looks like you guys had so much fun and amazing food I'm jealous! Maybe when we come back in August you'll have to take us to that place it looks amazing!!! We miss and love you guys!!

Lynnette and Gil Padilla said...

I can only eat there once a year... no control when it comes to melted chocolate... he he he