Monday, March 23, 2009

Oh the fun of living in Provo...

Who ever said that living amongst your own kind is safe? Ha Ha, I should have guessed...I am less protected "in the land of my people" than I was when I went to school 40 miles from the border of MEXICO!!

This morning I woke up to a knock at the door and to say the least it was very unpleasant. My neighbor came to inform me that my car was broken in to last night...BOO PROVO!! HELP, WHEN CAN I GET OUT OF HERE? lol I didn't have much of anything in the car, however I was stupid and left my pink book bag on the floor on the passenger side and of course it was stolen. I know what you are what..your book bag was stolen. That would be true, but unfortunately this was my "fun" bag that I bring to work which means that my laptop was in my bag along with some books that my husband had bought me. The thieves didn't take my skis though (and trust me they are worth a lot more $$$ than my 2002 Gateway laptop). I was VERY GLAD that they didn't get my skis. :)

Oh well, you live and you learn...right? Chalk one up for yet another WONDERFUL experience in Provo, UT.


Tiffany said...

BOO HISS... Moronic Utah County crooks. So sorry you have to put up with that garbage. (If a husband and wife from Provo get divorced, are they still brother and sister?) When you shake hands with folks down there always check for the correct number of digits and for webbing. Hang in there sunshine!

Lynnette and Gil Padilla said...

I am so sorry... I hate when things like that happen. Wish I could take my Louisville to their head for you.