Sunday, December 7, 2008

Nyah's b-day party

This past week Scott and I had the opportunity to go to Nyah's (our nieces) birthday party. I had called and asked Lisa her mother what to get her for her birthday and was told that she would love a Barbie doll. I headed to Wal-Mart to get her a Barbie, and I found a very cute blond one with a dog. I was quite proud of my purchase, left the store and Scott and I went to the party. When we get there it was brought to my attention that this "particular Barbie" had a dog that "pooped". I was mortified! I re-assured Lisa that I never would have bought this Barbie doll if I would have read the box. Lisa said that it was totally fine, but I still felt very bad about the purchase. Anyway, long story short...Nyah LOVED the pooping dog and kept saying to the dog "poop"! She played with it most of the night. :) You will see a picture above where Scott is teaching Nyah how to get the dog to poop. It was very funny, but cute too! The last picture that you will see is Scott and myself at our cousin's Christmas party. It was supposed to be a "sexy Christmas sweater" party....Scott and I kept it pretty low key as you can see. :) We had a lot of fun. I love the Christmas season!!!


Michael & LaShawn said...

I thought Barbie was too pretty to have a pooping dog!?! what is the world coming to?! haha.

Adorable pics. I see you were holding 2 little ones at once there, did you like that feeling? hehe.

And as always, you and Scott look GORGEOUS together. Such a cute pic. I miss you!

Lisa Strupp said...

The "pooping" dog is still her favorite thing! She carries it everywhere! You forget that she lives in St. Kitts so a little toy dog that poops is nothing! haha But thanks again for coming up we had so much fun with you guys and I'm so glad that she warmed up to Scott. I can't wait for the Christmas trip!! Love ya!