Wednesday, October 29, 2008

BYU vs. UNLV football game

Since Scott and I live only 7 blocks from BYU campus we FINALLY decided to get tickets to a BYU football game! It was so much fun, and even though I feel like a trader now.....It was worth every second. Scott is a HUGE football fan too and made the game even more fun. :) The best thing about this game was that it was a nail-biter right to the end. BYU was victorious, and we can't wait until this weekend to watch yet another BYU football game!

Later on that Saturday night Scott's friend Mark was playing in "Battle of the Bands" on campus. We went to listen, and I must admit I was surprised how good they were. Here is a picture of his friend Mark playing the guitar and then a picture of us at the concert.

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Michael & LaShawn said...

so, i guess this means i have a "married person crush" on the two of you! i think you are so cute!! Love the updates. Glad you two are still dating!

love ya! oh and I've got Sunday off so we can play! I'll call you :)