Friday, March 26, 2010


Living in Provo we have many options when it comes to ice cream. About 6 months ago Scott and I discovered Farr's ice cream where you can pick your flavor of soft serve ice cream & add any & as much toppings as needed (ok, as wanted! Ha Ha!). We treated my little brother and some of his friends and enjoyed every second. This truly is a "must share" ice cream shop. Can't wait until next time....

Living in Provo has been difficult on me because I don't get to see my family as much as I would like, so when I do get to see them I cherish every moment. My sister-in-law Lisa came up with my two nieces and we went shopping for my brother Cliff's birthday. It was a blast, and as you can see I got to hold my niece Nyah the whole time! My hope is that one day we (meaning all of my family) will live close enough to visit one another frequently. :) What a fun day we had!

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