Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Memorial Day

For Memorial Day weekend Scott and I decided to go to this theme park near our house and play mini golf, swing at some baseballs in the batting cages, and see who could win in go-carts. It was a great time. Scott and I had to laugh because we were the only adults in the park w/out children. It was a blast to just relax and enjoy life as a kid again. That's why I love my husband so much, he never lets me get too far away from my inner child! :) I can't wait until our next adventure!

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Strupp Family said...

Theme park :) That's a good one. I used to work there, you know. It is a lot of fun--good times growing up and visiting all the time. Did you know they used to have a waterslide too? They tore it down though. Too bad. Anyway, looks like you two are having fun. We miss you!