Saturday, June 13, 2009

The New Stiletto's

This story was too funny to pass up. I was shopping with my little sister at Nordstrom Rack in Draper & I found these stiletto's! :) At first sight I was in love! I had my sis take this picture of me in the heels with her camera phone so we could send it to Scott for his approval. He's response was "Wow, those are...scandalous "! I wrote back asking if he didn't like them. He replied that he loved them, but that they were WAY too sexy for church. I continued to tell him that as LDS modest dressing women that all we have is "sex in our shoes". He wrote me back saying that I could only wear them to church if my mother approved. I sent a picture to my mom & her first comment was "WOW, I LOVE THEM"!! Britta then called her and asked if she thought that I could wear the stiletto's to church...she of course was nothing but supportive!! Ha Ha, there is one thing that I love about my mother...she has a great eye for fashion & has always encouraged us to be the same! Thanks mom for your support! :) These beautiful stiletto's now have a happy home in Provo with me!!


Tiffany said...

The first thing Emily said when she saw them was "Holy Toledo!" Sarah's words were a reverent, "I love them." You are simply wonderful Briana. Love you!

grammie kim said...

pretty pretty, seriously how tall will they make you, I am getting shorter and shorter every time you shop, ha ha love them

The Fegers said...

hey, you have a blog too? now i know.
i LOVE the shoes too. did you see mine in the wedding photos you just looked through on my blog? read my comment after Emmy's. i'll have to do a post all about them like you did.
they're purple snake skin, and i'm not one to wear crazy shoes. now i want to go and be a shoe person!
i love that you blogged this:)

one suggestion, can you set your comments to open in a new window, so i can go back and read the post then go back to the comments? does that make sense? see mine when you comment if not. it's just something that i like, but this is fine too of course:)
i sure hope you get your comments emailed to you too.